Hotel & Accommodation Amenities

Comfort, affordability, accessibility and reliability are some of the factors that you should consider when looking for accommodation while you may be on vacation or a business trip. However, there are diverse types of accommodation and each will offer different facilitate for your use. In order to ensure that you make informed choices with respect to accommodation, here are different types of hempstead accommodation and the facilities you are likely to find in each of them, for example hemel hempstead restaurants.

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Bed and Breakfast Accommodation 

Here, the payment you make for a night's rest also includes some form of breakfast. If you require any additional food or service, you will be required to pay for it as an extra service. Some accommodation facilities are purely bed and breakfast but others may offer half board and full board accommodation too. They typically have a comfortable bed, a television set and a-well equipped shower. Some may have a pub and other entertainment facilities for their guests.


A hotel can be defined as an establishment that provides food, overnight accommodation, entertainment and relaxation facilities for business people and tourists. The nature and type of facilities offered in a hotel depend on its ranking but most hotels have dining areas, a bar and entertainment facilities for people at different ages. Some will have spas and saunas, swimming pools, beauty salons and barber shops, business centres, conference facilities, a theatre and a shopping centre. Remember that the ranking for hotels is universal and therefore the facilities in a five star hotel are likely to be common across cities.


This is a pub or bar that has accommodation facilities. In some cases, food may also be available. For the traditional inns, the accommodation offered is simple but it serves the purpose. However, there are modern inns that offer high end accommodation, food and drinks to travellers and tourists. Some may even go beyond this and offer facilities and services typical associated with hotels.

Guest Houses

These are privately owned houses that offer accommodation and related services to tourists and travellers. The guest house is usually operated by the owners, one of the family members or a hired house manager who takes care of the guests. They provide meals and entertainment based on the type of guests they receive. Sometimes, guest houses may hire entertainers to keep the guests engaged in the evenings. The facilities offered range from simple bed and breakfast to high end luxurious guest houses depending on their location and the intended audience.

There are also lodgings, apartments, hostels and many other types of accommodation. Remember that you do not have to spend beyond your budget to get some of these facilities. Doing your research beforehand ensures that you compare costs and facilities ensuring that you only pick the best accommodation for your budget and needs.